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What is Flocking?

Flocking is the process of applying monofilament fibers such as electrostatically charged nylon, polyester or rayon onto a surface. The process of flocking is usually undertaken to enhance the look and feel of a textile or fabric and improve its value in terms of aesthetics, appearance, colour and tactile sensation.

Flocking is not new. In fact, the application of flocking is an age-old fabric enhancing technology that has been in use for more than 3000 years. The origins of flocking can be traced back to the ancient Chinese who applied flocking on religious accessories and cultural decoration.

In today’s times, flocking is widely used for decoration, insulation, finishing purposes and works well with a wide range of objects and materials including carpets, upholstery, bedspreads, fabrics, bed sheets, wall coverings, window coverings and automobile dashboards/glove compartments, car liners and window trimmings.


Flocking is also popular in the production of Christmas cards, advertising brochures, high-class packaging & storage boxes. You will find flock applied in eyeliner brushes, scrubbing pads, perfume packaging and many other consumer products. In the photographic industry, you will find flocking as one of the most widely used methods for minimising the reflectivity of surfaces. The demand for flocking has increased considerably over the last several years and it has become one of the most important material enhancing techniques in modern times.

Why is Flocking Important?

Take a look around and you will find flocking enriching our lives and beautifying the objects surrounding us. From functional applications such as automotive plastic and paper coating to aesthetic uses such as carpet and furniture adornment, flocking offers a pleasant appearance, a strong fibered grip, protection against scratches and drops as well as excellent sliding effect on flat surfaces.

Customers are always looking for something different. Flocking is useful and exciting because it works well with almost every kind of surface, object and material, like toys, sponges, pipes, paper etc. Through a simple process flocking can enhance the value and presentation of an otherwise simple and ordinary item, giving it a custom finish while protecting it. While flocking has become increasingly popular with consumers it is also widely used in industrial applications.

While flocked surfaces are excellent for controlling water condensation, flocking is also a dependable choice for thermal insulation. Flocking as an industrial application has been used in the automotive industry for decades as a first choice for covering surfaces in glove compartments, window trimmings and door moldings.

Why Should You Use Flocking?

 Flocking is a commercial and industrial process that is most widely used when products have to emanate exclusivity, quality and durability. In fact, flocking is a technique that involves the transfer and deposit of hundreds of small fibre particles on different types of objects and surfaces with the means of an electrostatic force. These fibers, or flocks, may vary in length, quality, texture, colour and you can experiment the way you want! Nepean Flock offers a wide variety of flocking fibers and they can be applied on different types of surfaces including glass, plastic or metal.

Flocking is innovative, enriching and protecting. It is a perfect printing and decorating solution: all the objects and items on which flock is applied become instantly pleasing to the eye and give off a new original appearance. Besides allowing you to enjoy a pleasant feel and a great visual effect, flocking also offers durability, insulation, firm grip, resistance to scratches and abrasion. Flocking can also be combined with other decoration techniques and methods, for example screen printing to enhance overall packaging.

What Materials are Used in Flocking?

Flocking works well with both natural and synthetic materials including nylon, rayon, polyester and cotton. Categorically speaking, there are two kinds of flocks – either a milled flock or a cut flock. While milled flock is predominantly made from the waste materials supplied by cotton or synthetic textile production, cut flock is much superior in value because it is produced only from the high-quality filament synthetic material. Unlike milled flock which is seldom uniform in length, Nepean’s cut flock is first quality and uniform in length.

The term flock actually pertains to the short-cut fibers that provide the basis for the electrostatic flocking technology. So basically, a flock can be prepared using any textile fibre. At Nepean Flock we prepare flocked surfaces that are extremely durable, smooth, scratch-free and resistant to abrasion. The fibers and materials at Nepean Flock are available in a variety of thicknesses, textures, lengths and colours. This enables us to use wide range of flocked surfaces from the ones that give a velvety smooth feel to a hard and robust touch. The materials and fabrics that we use are exclusive, high quality and offer excellent tactile and visual experience.

Nepean Flock

 Nepean Flock is a Sydney based company that deals in high quality, aesthetically pleasing flocks of different colours, textures and variety. We specialise in short-cut textile grade and technical fibers that are used for commercial, residential and industrial purposes. We specialise in the field of textile flocking, and with a _10?_ years of experience in high-class flocking we provide the best flocking materials and flocking supplies. Nepean Flock was established with the mission to combine exceptional flocking techniques with excellent client service. We also stock the largest range of flock fibers, textile, lengths and colours to our clients, and we use only the highest-grade quality of adhesives and pigments in our processes. Nepean Flock is a one-stop shop for all your flocking requirements and our flocks are widely used in various applications. We also serve the automobile industry by offering our strong, tactile and multi-purpose flocks for coating glove boxes, window rubbers, door cards and dashboards.

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